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About Brown & Jenkins

Welcome to Vermont, the Green Mountain State!

The beautiful green state of Vermont is home to many amazing gourmet foods and beverages, including Brown & Jenkins coffee. Is it something in the water? All we know is that everyone who tastes our coffee agrees: “It is just a great cup of coffee; every cup, every time!”

We love our spring and mountain water, but the magic is not actually in the water; it’s in the roast. The method and recipes were passed on from the original Master Roaster to his apprentice Glenn, in a series of top-secret ceremonies. We were not able to elicit any more information about that process. All we know, according to our customers from coast to coast, is that ours is the best darn coffee they have ever had. Brown and Jenkins gets your Mojo working!

Brown & Jenkins was established in 1984 by Ken Brown and Carol Jenkins, a Vermont couple with a passion for freshly roasted coffee and a desire to share their delight with other coffee lovers. Mail-order catalogs were the method of the day. The twenty-first century brought Brown & Jenkins to the World Wide Web scene. Our website was launched in 1999. Since then, customers from Hawaii to the Virgin Islands, California to Florida and Maine, have something in common: they are all lovers of Brown & Jenkins Coffee.

Today, Brown & Jenkins is owned by Vermont caterer Sandy Riggen, keeping the company family-owned and operated for 29 years. The traditions established years ago by Ken Brown and Carol Jenkins continue. Brown & Jenkins purchases only the highest quality Arabica beans from the most reputable coffee estates. We roast to order and ship the same day, so you are assured that your coffee truly is the freshest available. We take pride in our fresh-roasted guarantee, and we cherish our growing circle of customers and friends —even as we stay small to serve you best.

Our roasting operation and retail store were located in the picturesque town of Cambridge for eight years, and business has grown in more ways than we could have imagined. At the end of October 2014, we closed this facility in order to turn our attention to our website and other local and Vermont coffee infused ventures.

We have partnered with Vermont Maple Outlet, at their beautiful and convenient location, right on Rte 15 between Cambridge and Jeffersonville. They are now the exclusive retailer for Brown & Jenkins Coffee in the area. Learn More.

Political climates and logistical challenges may cause the price of coffee to fluctuate on the global market, but we assure you that we do everything we can to keep this precious commodity affordable. When you put a cup of Brown & Jenkins coffee to your lips, you will know what our long-time customers have already discovered: Brown & Jenkins coffee is an affordable luxury; consistently great, guaranteed.

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