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Coffee Buzz Rubs 8-Pack - The Full Collection - 8 x 5 oz

Once you start cooking and baking with Coffee Rubs, you will never go back. We made it easy for you to explore the versatility of this great seasoning gift from nature with our Full Collection of Coffee Rubs. 8 Coffee Rubs, always 12% OFF, blended in-house at Brown & Jenkins by owner/caterer Sandy Riggen. Easily uplift any meat, venison, poultry, fish, vegetable dish, even baked goods and desserts, with Coffee Rubs. It is a wonder more recipes do not include this indispensable ingredient. Coffee Rubs are a remarkable meat tenderizer and they enhance the best qualities in your meals without overpowering their natural flavors. Included, 5 oz each of the following Brown & Jenkins' own Coffee Rubs: 

Coffee Rubs for Poultry at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont BUZZ RUBS FOR POULTRY sink in, tenderize and add flavor that will make you fall in love with poultry dishes in a whole new way.

Coffee Buzz Rubs for Seafood at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont If you like your Seafood with a little extra kick, our BUZZ RUBS FOR SEAFOOD is for you. If you are not a fan of seafood, you will be in no time.

Coffee Buzz Rubs for Steak & Venison at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont Love to grill? A generous dash of BUZZ RUBS FOR STEAK & VENISON will make you feel like you are dining in a classy restaurant at a fraction of the cost.

Coffee Buzz Rubs for Vegetables at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont A generous sprinkle of BUZZ RUBS FOR VEGETABLES will give any side salad, dinner salad or roasted vegetable dish just the right lift in flavor to take it a notch above.

Coffee Brown Sugar Bourbon Buzz Rubs at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont  BROWN SUGAR BOURBON BUZZ RUBS turns any cut of meat, venison or poultry into a succulent dish.

Coffee Citrus Herb Buzz Rubs at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont CITRUS HERB BUZZ RUBS are especially suitable for fish, but this delicate balance of spices and fine coffee plays well with poultry as well. Experiment.

Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Buzz Rubs at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont Hold on to the invigorating spirit of summer with SWEET & SPICY CHIPOTLE BUZZ RUBS on, well, everything. From BBQ chicken, steak, pork and ribs to rice, pasta salad and even quinoa.

Vermont Smokey Maple Buzz Rubs at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont Use SMOKEY MAPLE BUZZ RUBS in baked beans, on corn on the cob, ribs, burgers, lamb... the list goes on.

 Refer to individual Coffee Rubs for use and method suggestions.

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