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Graceful Coffee Duo - 2x10 oz

The Graceful Coffee Duo comes to life just in time for your Holiday celebrations. We selected Organic Peruvian Decaf and our Vermont Breakfast Blend for a Coffee Duo that is certain to suit every palate and every occasion with utmost elegance. Decaf Organic Peruvian Coffee is, without a doubt, the most flavorful organic decaf we've ever tasted. The depth of Peruvian Coffee comes from it's mountainside growth. The first sip will convince you that there's nothing lost but the caffeine. Feel the comforting warmth and richness of lightly roasted Kenyan and Tanzanian Peaberry Coffees in our Vermont Breakfast Blend. It makes the perfect cup at sunrise, mid-day or sunset. The Graceful Duo brings elegant coffee goodness to your table anytime you share a morning or evening feast with cherished family and friends. Express your gratitude, gracefully. 10% OFF!

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