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Organic Sanctuary Coffee Sampler - 4x2 oz

The Organic Coffee Sampler is a gift from the earth. A beautiful collection of 4 treasured coffees, organically grown in the spirit of preservation, hope and awareness. Deep, rich flavors balanced with rejuvenating and fresh bouquets. Coffee of conscience. Included, 2 oz each (enough to brew a full 12-cup pot) of the following, always at $1 OFF:

Organic Healthy Living Blend CoffeeOrganic French Roast, Organic Peruvian and Organic Espresso Roast. Organic Healthy Living Blend Coffee is placid and sweet, with notes of vanilla and nut. Turn to the French if you want rich, full-bodied coffee that doesn't hold anything back. The depth of our Organic Peruvian Coffee comes from its mountainside growth. Organic Espresso Roast was created especially for your home brewing method. ~ Medium and Dark Roasts

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