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Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated 16-Ounce Coffee Mug

Brand: LifeSky

Color: Black


  • DOUBLE WALL INSULATION: The airless space between the walls of your travel coffee mug wipes away outside temperature interference. Coffee, tea, soup, and many more liquids will stay warm or cold for 12 hours thanks to our special vacuum insulation design.
  • ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE: Your travel insulated coffee mug has been specifically constructed to be used with only one hand making it very convenient, and at 2.6-inches wide by 9.25-inches high it fits in the majority of car cup holders.
  • PERFECTLY SAFE: The BPA free sprout and food-grade stainless steel used on your travel mug means it won't leak chemicals, so it's 100% safe for human consumption. We're also proud to say the travel insulated coffee mug has been FDA approved.
  • ZERO LEAKAGES: You'll find a leakproof silicone gasket at the top of your travel mug helping protect the temperature of your drink, but it will also stop liquid from spilling everywhere when you're driving. Impressive for a mouth wide enough to accommodate full size ice cubes.
  • GORGEOUS DESIGN: You can't help but admire the stylish look of the travel coffee mug, with reason it looks so classy being its fingerprint-proof finish. We at LifeSky are so sure you'll love it we offer a 1-year warranty, so any problems and it will be replaced straight away. Click 'Add to Cart' now.



Never go anywhere without your favorite drink!

We've all been desperate for a coffee while on the road before, but this time you don't need to find somewhere to buy one. In fact, you technically don't even need to take two hands off the wheel because your new travel mug can be operated with only one. I know travel mugs have let you down in the past because your coffee was too cold to drink when you needed it most, but this one has used advancements in technology to keep drinks hot or cold for 12 hours.

Your travel mug is never going to look out of place!

If you've used travel mugs before, you'll know they sometimes look cheap. You will find the complete opposite is true when you're holding this one in your hands, and the fingerprint-proof finish is a nice added bonus. It's also the perfect size to carry around anywhere even though it accommodates full size ice cubes, plus you'll never lose any liquid because of its leakproof design. It's assuring to know even though it has all these special features, it's completely safe to drink out of too.

Would you love to finally own a coffee travel mug that:

- Can easily be used with any drinkable liquid imaginable.

- You can handle even if you only have one hand available.

- Won't leak all over you when it accidentally falls over.

- Has been deemed so safe and non-toxic it's actually FDA approved.

- Uses a fingerprint-proof finish to protect its gorgeous look.

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