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Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Coffee Rubs - 5 oz

Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Coffee Rubs are the newest addition to our Coffee Rubs Collection, and they are already famous among our customers. Hold on to the invigorating spirit of summer with Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Coffee Rubs on, well, everything. From BBQ chicken, steak, pork and ribs to rice, pasta salad and even quinoa. What's in the bottle? Salt, brown sugar, chipotle chili pepper, cinnamon, paprika, onion, garlic and vinegar. Open a bottle of Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Coffee Rubs, the aroma alone will inspire tasty dishes. This sweetly aromatic Coffee Rub is especially suited to poultry and pork dishes, and ideal for grilling, indoors or out. Sprinkle 1 TBSP on both sides of uncooked meat or poultry. Cover and chill for a 1/2 hour and up to 2 hours. Cook as desired. Or sprinkle generously over pasta salad, quinoa, baked potatoes (our favorite) or rice. Then, savor, savor, savor.

Try our Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Coffee Rub Pork Skewers.

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