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Organic Healthy Living Blend Coffee - 10 oz

Organic Healthy Living Blend Coffee is placid and sweet, with delicate notes of vanilla and nut. It combines Medium Roasted and Dark Roasted Peruvian Coffee beans in perfect measure for a soothing blend you can drink all day. You will recognize the distinctive taste of Peruvian coffee beans that lends full body to this blend. Peruvian coffee offers a satisfying, light body without a hint of bitterness, even as it cools. Its depth comes from it's mountainside growth. The words "Healthy Living" say it all. They inspire pause and self-pampering; two qualities that are perfectly suited to a good cup of coffee! ~ Medium Roast

Also Available: Organic Healthy Living Blend Coffee – 2 LBS

You can also find Healthy Living Blend Coffee in our Organic Sanctuary Coffee Bundle.

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