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This Single Origins Coffee Collection offers carefully selected classic coffees of the world in. As a small-batch coffee roaster, we value Single-Origin Coffees for their specific qualities and tastes. These are the basis for all Coffee Blends, where we combine fresh roasted coffee beans from different single regions to create a new and unique nuance in flavor and aroma. We offer distinctive Single-Origin Coffees from three regions: Africa, Indonesia and Central and South America. You can view them by area on the Shop Now menu at the top of the page. Single-Origin Coffee is grown in a single geographic region. The coffee beans may originate from a single farm, or from a collection of farms within a single country. It is customary to use the name of the place of origin as the name of a Single-origin Coffee. Mexican Altura, Ethiopian Sidamo and Sumatra Mandheling are good examples of this practice.
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