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We've narrowed down our African Coffee selection to Ethiopian Sidamo, Tanzanian Peaberry and Kenya AA; three exquisite coffees that embody the best qualities of the continents' numerous coffee plantations. We've also included Tanzanian Peaberry coffee in our Coffees of The World Bundle. Africa's Arabica coffee beans are produced in rich soil that is ideal for cultivating premium quality coffee with distinct tropical qualities. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian coffee is prized for its light floral notes that range from hints of blueberry to jasmine. Tanzanian Peaberry is a lively, inviting coffee from the acclaimed Kilimanjaro region. It is at once bold, smooth and full-bodied. Kenyan coffee is sharp and complex, with fruity acidity that lends a sharp and rich cup. African Coffee is one of the fine Single-Origin coffees we offer. See the entire Single-Origin Coffees Collection HERE

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