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Welcome To Brown & Jenkins, Gourmet Coffee Roasters for Over 30 Years

Brown & Jenkins is a family owned and operated coffee roaster located in Jeffersonville, Vermont. The finest Arabica coffee beans, always roasted fresh in small batches and offered to you at a fair price. This is the Brown & Jenkins difference and promise.

We have been roasting the great coffees of the world in small batches, and shipping them fresh daily to homes, stores and businesses for over 30 years. We offer organic coffee, decaf, dark roast, flavored coffee, single origin coffee and coffee rubs. We even private label. And be sure to explore our VT Coffee Blog recipes. 

Our collection of original coffee blends is the talk of the town among our customers. We are grateful and inspired. They tell that Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont is a hidden gem. We are honored to be perceived in this light and strive to live up to your expectations consistently. We cherish our growing circle of customers and friends — even as we remain small to serve you better.


Coffee Chocolate Fondue

Unctuous comes from the Latin, “unctum,” meaning ointment and also from “ungere,” meaning to anoint. Let us, then, anoint some fresh fruit, biscotti or pretzels with Coffee Chocolate Fondue.

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