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Pre-Portioned Coffee Frac Packs & Office Coffee

Fractional Coffee Packs, also known as Pillow Packs or One-Pot Coffee Packets, are the most accurate and efficient way to make coffee for your office, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop or for special events. Each Fractional Coffee Pack is pre-measured for commercial coffee brewers to ensure a perfect brew with any brewing method, every cup, every time, no matter who’s overseeing the coffee pot. With Pre-Portioned Coffee Packs, all the guess work is taken out of the process.

Your guests, visitors, employees and customers’ experience is of great importance. As you know, impeccable service and careful added touches are what puts their experience over the top. If you serve coffee at a special function, in your store, organization, office, restaurant, coffee shop or bakery, Pre-Portioned Coffee Packets ensure a reliable brew every time, they simplify preparation and clean up, and make it much easier to track usage and restock needs.

Coffee Packets are available in any size you wish. All our Single Origin, Signature Blend, Flavored, Organic and Decaf Coffees are available in fractional packets. We’ll help you determine the ideal size of Individual Coffee Packets for your needs, equipment and application. Frac Packs come 40 to a case, with no case minimum.

Please call or email Sandy for additional information or to discuss your needs. 802-644-8300 or

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Pre-Portioned Coffee Frac Packs at Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters of Vermont

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