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S.W.P. Decaf Organic French Roast Coffee - 10 ounce bag

Our Organic, Swiss Water Process decaffeinated French Roast has all the appeal of a deep roasted coffee, without the caffeine. Its crisp flavor will make you forget it's a decaf. We take Organic Peruvian for an extended tumble in our roaster. The heat brings out the best in the beans. The result is the characteristic smoky flavor, deep color and shine of our French Roast coffee. Look to the French if you want rich, full-bodied coffee that doesn't hold anything back. This is an excellent after-dinner coffee. ~ Dark Roast


     2 pound bags -  S.W.P. Decaf Organic French Roast Coffee - 2 LB

     Regular (non-decaf) - Organic French Roast Coffee - 10 oz

You can also find Decaf Organic French Roast Coffee in our Delicious Decaf Coffee Bundle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karen L
Best Decaf Ever

These beans, hand ground and french pressed, give us the best decaf we’ve ever had at home. We’ve subscribed and recommend to anyone looking for a great decaf.

Thanks for the great review. Word is that our Swiss Water Process decaf coffees are every bit is good as our regular. Many people will purchase a decaf and mix it 50/50 with regular. No compromise on taste and half the caffeine. A win, win.

Jon Lynch
Simply the best decaf coffee available

I drink a lot of coffee. When I say a "lot", I mean I'm most likely and somewhat embarrassingly in the top 1% of the coffee-drinking bell curve. Three pots a day is not unusual, and on the days when I simply must have a fourth, Brown & Jenkins Organic French Roast Decaf is my go-to joe.

This coffee is my favorite decaf by quite a long way. Exceptionally smooth, dark and full-bodied, it's everything I want from a classic French Roast. And after three pots, I cannot distinguish it from its higher-octane siblings.

It's worth noting, too, that this brew is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, which uses no nasty chemicals, so it's probably healthier for your brain, liver, kidneys, spleen and gallbladder. It might even save your life one day.

Highly recommended.

Mary English

I'm new to decaf. This is not bad at all.

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