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 Our REWARDS PROGRAM Gives you More Ways to Earn POINTS and More Ways to SAVE $$.

Earn points automatically with every purchase. You do not even need to think about it. If you have an account, and you're logged in, you can use and earn rewards. The Rewards Tab is right there on the edge of your screen. When you have accumulated 500 POINTS or more, you can begin to apply them towards discounts, and even toward a FREE bag of coffee. It's that simple. Read on.

First, CREATE AN ACCOUNT: You must have an account for the Rewards Program to apply to your purchases. We do not share your information, we only share our love of coffee! The account simply allows the Rewards Program to assign points to you specifically, and it allows you to redeem your points at your convenience. 

Create an Account NOWWe'll automatically add your first 500 POINTS to it! 


Just buy coffee! Every dollar you spend adds 10 Rewards Points to your account. Even Coffee Club Subscriptions earn Rewards. But remember, you must have an account for the Rewards Program to be able to apply points to your purchases!

Create an Account = 500 Points (Psst…That's worth $3 OFF!)

Make a Purchase = Earn 10 Points per Dollar

Review Your Favorite Brews = 500 Points per review (Maximum of 1 review per month)


Once you've logged in, click on the REWARDS TAB on the edge of your screen to see your current Points Balance. When you select the option you wish to apply, a Coupon Code will be emailed to you for use at your convenience. No more clicked and lost codes! Your points balance will be adjusted as soon as you complete a purchase with your discount code. Your points will continue adding up from the new points balance. ONLY ONE REDEEM CODE can be applied for each order you place. Points are redeemed in increments, as follows: 

500 POINTS = $3 OFF

1000 POINTS = $10 OFF or a FREE bag of Coffee (10 oz)

1500 POINTS = $15 OFF

NOTICE that discounts apply to product price only. They do not apply to shipping charges. 

Thanks again for your loyalty. Enjoy the REWARDS!

(Notice: Cherish your points. We cannot replace lost discount codes. We reserve the right to modify the terms or the overall Rewards Program as necessary, should we encounter errors, determine that terms are no longer fair over time and in response to customer feedback).


Do I need an account with your shop to be able to earn and redeem Rewards?

Yes. An account allows you to Earn Rewards with every purchase, even on COFFEE CLUB Orders. Create an account today

Can I apply Rewards Points toward my Coffee Club Subscription?

No. It is NOT possible to apply Rewards to a Coffee Club subscription, but if you have an active account, it is possible to redeem Rewards on any order placed independently from your subscription. Learn more on the COFFEE CLUB Page. Also remember, if you have a Club Subscription, you save 8% on all the coffees in your scheduled order every time it ships.

Can I get a credit in lieu of Points Discounts on my Coffee Club recurring orders?

No. We cannot apply a credit to reflect Points discounts on Club Orders. Reward Points can only be applied against Non-Club orders. 

Can I Apply Several Discount Codes to the Same Order?

No. Our system allows only a single coupon code per checkout.

What FREE Coffee will be Added to My Order if I Select that as my Points Option?

For variety, we will select a different 10 oz bag from a different Collection every few days. Just wait and see… and savor!

Do my Points Expire?

Nope. We just keep adding them on every time you stock up on coffee.

Do Rewards Expire?

Yes, but no worries. When you select a Reward to redeem, you’ll see your coupon code on screen and you will also receive an email with that same coupon code. Use the code now or save the email to use it at a later date, within 365 days! Notice that every coupon code will only work once.

I Forgot to Apply my Discount Code at Checkout. Can I Request a Refund Instead?

No. We cannot apply a refund in lieu of a Points Discount. We're sorry you forgot to use your discount code at checkout. On the bright side, your purchase increased your Points balance so you're ready to save next time!

I Did Not Use the Discount I Meant to Use. Can I Request a Refund for the Difference. 

No. Sorry. We cannot issue refunds or partial refunds in lieu of Points Discounts. Remember, your purchase increased your Points balance so you have more opportunities to save on your next orders. 

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