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Decaf S.W.P. Organic Peruvian

Decaf Organic Peruvian Coffee is, without a doubt, the most flavorful organic decaf we've ever tasted. The depth of our Peruvian Coffee comes from its mountainside growth. You'll love the creamy texture of this coffee. Peruvian coffee beans make a placid cup that has light body without a hint of bitterness, even as it cools. Unlike the European Process, which uses steam and methylene chloride to remove caffeine, the Swiss Water Process uses water and activated charcoal. It is the clear choice for our customers. We recommend this delightful decaf to those who have had an unfavorable experience with decaf in the past. The first sip will convince you that there's nothing lost but the caffeine. ~ Medium Roast

Profile: Light body with distinctive vanilla and nut undertones. 

You can also find Decaf Organic Peruvian Coffee in our Delicious Decaf Coffee Bundle.

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