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Connoisseur's Cup Coffee - 10 ounce bag

A seductive blend of Costa Rican Coffee with a touch of French Roast. Connoisseur's Cup Coffee Blend is rich and full bodied. We use deep roasted Brazilian - French roast at its very best, powerful, with lingering, intensely satisfying bittersweet undertones - and Costa Rican coffee from the famous Tarrazu region, a deeply nuanced coffee with a distinctive citrus finish and delightful floral hints. It is a lively coffee with well-tempered acidity and an aroma that is irresistible. You will feel like serving this Coffee Blend in your most elegant cup, and you may feel elegant sipping it. Simply, the coffee lover's coffee. ~ Medium Roast 

Also available in 2 pound bags: CONNOISSEUR'S CUP - 2LB

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacob Snyder
Top Notch!

I enjoy any coffee blend from Central America and this one is just wonderful!

Alan Carman

The second month I was ordering from B&J I ordered their Costa Rican and Columbian Supremo. The thought of having a blend that was mostly Costa Rican with a touch of their dark roast sounded delightful. I believe B&J uses Columbian as their dark roast as well. This is really a top notch selection and is a must have for me every month.

K. Denmore

We drink your Costa Rica coffee mostly. I tried this blend because Costa Rica is in it and we love it.

Jeanne Marie
Connoisseur's Cup

I bought one bag of this cooffee recently to try something different. I've been drinking your Vt breakfast blend for a long time. You have so many coffees. You'd think I'd be more adventurous. One bag at a time, maybe. (LOL!!)

Wendy S. Vieux
Best coffee so far

I bought this coffee because of its name. Now I buy it because I love it. We got several bags for my daughter's wedding. At dessert, I put a bag I had stuffed with packing peanuts on a cheese board with a place card in front of it that said "now serving connoisseur's cup coffee." A great little coffee with a great big name. We're hooked.

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