Fresh Roasted Coffee Delivered to your Door for Over 40 Years!

Organic French Roast Coffee - 10 ounce bag

Fresh Organic Peruvian Coffee is heated to perfection to meet every Dark Roast lover's expectations. French Roast and Organic. What more could you ask? Smoldering and powerful, with lingering, intensely satisfying bittersweet notes that highlight the best characteristics of a fine Dark Roast. Organic French Roast Coffee will empower your day, spark your imagination, release your creativity. And if you simply need to sit back, relax and ponder things, it will provide deep satisfaction in the moment. Enjoy the characteristic smoky flavor, deep color and shine of French Roast, Organic Style. ~ Dark Roast

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Customer Reviews

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Fresh, delicious French roast

I came across Brown & Jenkins because they have both regular and decaf organic French roast. The decaf is Swiss Water Process too. I usually make half caff so I like to get the same type of roast for both halves. The coffee is delicious and obviously freshly roasted/ground. Perhaps not the darkest French roast I've ever had - maybe more of a medium-dark roast. But really delicious nonetheless. The kraft bags with the B&J logo look really nice on my counter too :)

Thank you so much for the nice review. It helps other people make good choices. We appreciate your business.

Thomas Golding
Fresh Roasted Coffee

About every three weeks I order 10 oz of whole bean Brown and Jenkins Cofee. I hand grind every morning in a Hario Hand Grinder. Also, I use a Hario Glass cone with bleached Hario Filter. Why bleached........ I have discovered that the tan unbleached ones give more of a paper taste. I put the beans in glass sealed jars that give six days of supply each. Each jar not in use is placed in the freezer. I don't think coffee gets any better than this. I like it Black and Peruvian French Roast is my favorite. I have tried many of the flavored cofees also and blended them together to satisfying success.

Lauren Berrizbeitia
Best French Roast

I have tried every French roast coffee I can get in Vermont and this coffee is by far the best. It is consistently rich, fragrant and smooth, with a deep, dark roast flavor I haven’t found elsewhere. My favorite for many years!

Toney McKinney
Bold and Beautiful

I use a french press and this coffee seems to thrive in the process.

Alan Carman
Good coffee

The description on the site couldn't be more spot on... If you like dark roasted coffee this one is something else: smokey & full-bodied.

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