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S.W.P. Decaf Organic French Roast Coffee - 2 pound bag

Our Organic, Swiss Water Process decaffeinated French Roast has all the appeal of a deep roasted coffee, without the caffeine. Its crisp flavor will make you forget it's a decaf. We take Organic Peruvian for an extended tumble in our roaster. The heat brings out the best in the beans. The result is the characteristic smoky flavor, deep color and shine of our French Roast coffee. Look to the French if you want rich, full-bodied coffee that doesn't hold anything back. This is an excellent after-dinner coffee. ~ Dark Roast


     10 ounce bags -  S.W.P. Decaf Organic French Roast Coffee - 10 oz

     Regular (non-decaf) - Organic French Roast Coffee - 10 oz

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