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Boyden's Brown Cow Coffee - 10 ounce bag

For several years, our facility was located across from the Boyden Valley Winery and Farm. The Boyden Farm cows, with their kind brown eyes, liked to line up by the fence to take in the aroma of fresh roasting coffee.

We created Boyden's Brown Cow to pay homage to our neighbors, both human and bovine, at Boyden Farm. We all agreed: coffee, chocolate, and caramel make a perfect Vermont morning. 

* Medium Roast 

Also available in 2 pound bags: BOYDEN'S BROWN COW - 2LB

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Delicious Coffee

Picture this, you’re standing in the kitchen and waves of caramel begin to drift over you. It’s as though someone’s baking brown sugar caramel rolls in your oven. You pour a steaming cup of brown cow into your mug and begin to sip. The flavors are so pronounced you could swear you’re eating those caramel rolls. This is rich, smooth, and beautifully flavored without the chemical after taste that some flavored coffees can have. It is absolutely wonderful.

Thanks for the great review. Brown cow has been gaining in popularity and almost even with our runaway flavor success, Mountain Magic We love coming up with new flavors and seeing that we have hit a home run. Thanks for the review.

Feels like home

This is one of my favorite flavored coffee. I used to live close to Boyden farm and every time I enjoy this coffee I feel a little closer to Vermont! This coffee is a perfect way to start my day.

We really appreciate the feed back Cathy, remember that taste of home is only a click away, A more expensive alternative is a plane ticket to Vermont. Come anytime.

One of my favorites

This is one of my favorite coffees. It is a smooth taste that makes me think of Vermont. We always have it in our house. Would recommend to anybody who likes flavored coffee.

Thanks for the great review. Who new or is it how now brown cow would be such a hit. One of out top sellers.

David Lantman
Coffee Nirvana

Tried the Boyden Brown Cow for the first time this past month and have been obsessed! Really hard not to have multiple cups of it every morning!

Don & Sheila Beisiegel
Bringing Back Memories

With every sip of Boyden's Brown Cow, it brought back memories of when Brown & Jenkins was located in Cambridge, Vermont. Those bovines were always there to greet us along the fence line on the road way leading up to the old location of Brown & Jenkins. Boyden's Brown Cow is the perfect blend of flavors cup after cup. Those bovines are still there, along with the memories of stopping in at Brown & Jenkins, enjoying the coffee of the day, chatting with Sandy and Glen. Miss those days but thank God We can still enjoy their amazing coffees!

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