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Cafe Espresso Blend Coffee - 10 ounce bag

Experience espresso without the machine. Our master roaster blends medium roast Brazilian Bourbon Santos, Colombian Supremo and Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee beans to create a full-bodied coffee that is perfect for serving espresso style, even if you do not have access to an espresso machine. Our Brazilian Coffee is smooth with fruity and citrus notes and light body. Colombian Supremo coffee provides a universally pleasing flavor, balanced by a steady body and pleasant caramel finish. Ethiopian Sidamo is consistently well-balanced, with floral and blueberry undertones. These three classic coffees were the inevitable choice for a truly satisfying espresso without the machine. ~ Medium Roast

Also available in 2 pound bags: CAFE ESPRESSO - 2LB

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julie Morris Dennison
Very good espresso

I read the previous review and I have to agree. This was a great surprise and a good buy.

Ben Krueger
Thumbs up!!

Thumbs up on this one. I admit I was not too sold on your suggestion that this is espresso without the machine, but I was wrong. I am very happy with this purchase after all. Thanks. Good job.

Stephen Hedley II

I'm used to a very strong espresso. This is very different and very easy to love coffee. Now I alternate between the two but when I'm home your espresso blend is definitely what I drink.

Suzanne Loomis
Not my favorite blend but good

We've tried every single one of your blends and this is very good for sure, but not our favorite. I would still recommend it and also your B&J Special Blend. Now THAT's our favorite. Hope you dont mind!!

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