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S.W.P. Decaf Colombian Supremo Coffee - 10 ounce bag

Colombia's finest coffee beans in a flavorful, rich and smooth Swiss Water Process Decaf. Colombian coffee provides a universally pleasing roast and a rich, distinctive flavor, balanced by a steady body with subdued nut and caramel notes, a clean finish and bright acidity. Colombia is second only to Brazil in coffee production. Supremo is a grade of coffee characterized by large berries, resulting in rich aroma and flavor. Colombian Supremo may very well be the most amiable coffee. It remains consistent regardless of your brewing method and is especially easy on even the most sensitive stomachs. This is why it is ideal as an after-dinner coffee. Coffee connoisseurs love it for its reliable taste; novices adopt it for its smooth finish. ~ Medium Roast

Profile: Medium body, with notes of toasted nut and a pleasant caramel sweetness. 


     2 pound bags - Decaf Colombian Supremo - 2LB

     Regular (non-decaf) - Colombian Supremo Coffee - 10 oz

Enjoy Decaf Colombian Supremo Coffee in the following Signature Blend and Bundle:

Decaf Colombian Coffee in Coffee Blends - Decaf Brown & Jenkins Special Blend  DECAF BROWN & JENKINS SPECIAL BLEND

Decaf Colombian Supremo in Coffee Bundle - Delicious Decaf Coffee Bundle at Brown & Jenkins of Vermont  DELICIOUS DECAF COFFEE BUNDLE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Finally found a go-to Decaf

Bought many different brands of decaf beans before I found this one. Glad I did. Full taste, smooth finish, tasty flavor notes. Many decaf beans were lacking in body or bitter for some reason. This is definitely one of the best decaf beans around!

Thanks for the nice review. People that drink our decaf say that if the same regular was set next to the decaf and sampled, you can not tell between decaf and regular. All the flavor but none of the caffeine.

Brian Muller
Best decaf.

I travel a lot. This is one of the best decafs I've had. By the way, it was someone at the front desk at Smuggs who recommended your coffee.

Wes Locke

Good decaf. That's pretty much all I need to say. :-)

Kayla M. Resnick

Loved this decaf. I was drinking too much regular, but i was not willing to quit. Glad I tried this decaf. Best one I've had so far.

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