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French Roast Coffee - 10 ounce bag

French Roast Coffee at its very best. Our darkest, fresh, deep roasted Brazilian Coffee is heated to perfection to meet every Dark Roast lover's expectations. Smoldering and powerful, with lingering, intensely satisfying bittersweet notes that highlight the best characteristics of a fine Dark Roast. It will empower your day, spark your imagination, release your creativity. And if you simply need to sit back, relax and ponder things, it will provide deep satisfaction in the moment. ~ Dark Roast

You can also find French Roast Coffee in our Dark Roast Delight Coffee Bundle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nina Duggento
Pleasant surprise

I’m not typically a fan of French roasts but this one is something special! Ordered as part of the dark roast combo and it was my favorite! Will order again!

Brian Monett
Not Rocket Science

As I said, French Roast is not rocket science. But I have yet to taste a good French like yours. Even the big chains (I am not naming names) who claim to be experts don;t even come close. I take my coffee seriously. It can make or break my day. Yours makes my day. Thanks.

Jane Koss
great cust service

I called in for recommendations and you were very helpful. I ended up getting your french roast. I have to make a gift soon and I think this is just the thing. Perfect taste. Not too strong. Very good coffee. Some coffees I ordered before from other places were very bitter. I was afraid I'd be wasting money again, but I was so wrong. Thanks again. It was a nice chat.

Doug Munroe

Excellent. Not much more to add. Will buy again.

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