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Sea Salt Caramel Coffee - 10 ounce bag

Sea Salt Caramel Coffee was a fan favorite the instant we added it to our collection. In fact, as we recall, you asked for it specifically. Of course, we could not refuse. One taste and you will be speechless. We still are! Salt is a natural compliment to coffee. In many African regions, coffee is served with salty nuts or popcorn. Smooth caramel notes merge with the finest coffee beans and a touch of sea salt adding delicious intrigue every time the taste and aroma reach your senses. You will know what we mean the moment you have a sip, but we dare you to put it into words. ~ Medium Roast

Also available in 2 pound bags: Sea Salt Caramel - 2 LBS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Favorite flavor

This coffee is smooth and you can taste the caramel. It is one of my favorite flavors of any coffee I’ve had (including different brands).

Michael James Fraley
Great Flavor

I do not taste caramel so much as just a great tasting coffee.


I am not the biggest fan or sea salted caramel products. If you are a fan, i am sure this coffee is great!

My idea would be to make a french vanilla/caramel blend or maple/caramel blend, now that sounds right up my alley!

However, if you arent sure if you would like a flavor, you could always write to the business and they would probably not mind making up some sample bags for you to purchase! the owners of this company are great!

PS MacMurray
Personal best

Full disclosure: I work for Brown & Jenkins. I think we first offered this coffee in the winter of 2014. I have a sweet tooth, but I don;t like an overpowering flavored coffee. I was afraid this would be, but it is not. The flavor is just right and very, very enjoyable.

Carmen Allan
A burst of flavor

Wow! Awesome flavor.

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