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Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee - 2 pound bag

The peaberry is prized for the richness of its flavor. Tanzanian Peaberry is a lively, inviting coffee from the acclaimed Kilimanjaro region. It is at once bold, smooth, and full-bodied. We love it so much that we use it in our Lake House Blend and our Vermont Breakfast Blend. Only about 5% of coffee beans are known as peaberry. Unlike the traditional coffee berries, which feature two side-by-side fertilized seeds, peaberries occur when only one of the two seeds is fertilized. The peaberry comes into the world as a small, yet complete individual, infused with all the depth and qualities of the classic double berry. It is tiny, but powerful. ~ Medium Roast

Profile: Full body with notes of wine, berry and cacao.  

Also Available: Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee – 10 oz.

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