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Toasted Coconut Coffee - 10 ounce bag

You can now enjoy Toasted Coconut Coffee year-round! It has been a Summer Collection favorite year after year, and we've received so many requests to make it available year-round that we had to give in. Who are we to argue with good coffee taste? A good flavored coffee offers gentle sweetness and precise flavor, without overpowering the essence of the bean, and this is exactly what Toasted Coconut Coffee offers in every sip. Whether you drink your coffee first thing in the morning or to accompany an afternoon pause, enjoy our Toasted Coconut Coffee slowly, bringing full awareness to the moment. It makes a delightful and exotic iced coffee too. ~ Medium Roast 

Also available in 2 pound bags: Toasted Coconut Coffee - 2 LBS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lil’ Mama
Something changed?

Originally I ga e this all 5 stars plus! It was the perfect amount of coconut flavor and was a great coffee hot or cold, with milk or half & half, even black, didn’t even use my usual maple syrup and cinnamon but the last order I got with 2 bags had zero coconut flavor, the aroma and taste was more like a dark roast or bitter French roast. There was hardly a hint of aroma of coconut again more like a dark roast coffee… hopefully it was a fluke as we lobe this coffee!! Still a good overall coffee and love the small local stuff!

Thank you for your review. We are checking into the flavoring issue. Could be new people in the flavoring area or the company could have changed the formula. We are on it.. Thanks

Michael James Fraley
Coconut amazing

Great full body coffee with A HINT OF COCONUT.

Don & Lacey
Another Favorite...Its getting hard to choose!

A well balanced aromatic coffee with just a hint of toasted coconut so as not to over power the flavor of the coffee.


This is great coffee for a tropical taste and the aroma is just perfect. This along with the raspberry makes for a great alternating coffee menu.

Mandy Sullivan
Glad I tried

I’ve been trying to go dairy free so I got coconut milk and almond milk and soy instead but I think it just messes up my coffee. Then I tried your coconut coffee. I did not expect to like it very much but was I ever wrong. And I like it with a bit of coconut milk too. Go figure.

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