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Vermont Breakfast Blend Coffee - 10 oz

Vermont Breakfast Blend is a fan favorite and ours as well. Its smooth rich flavor from a blend of lightly roasted Kenyan and Tanzanian Peaberry creates a perfect cup at sunrise, mid-day or sunset. Kenya AA has been dubbed the coffee of connoisseurs due to its intense character and the meticulous expertise of its producers. It offers a clean acidity with subtle and deeply satisfying undertones of fruit, wine or spice. Tanzanian Peaberry is prized for the richness of its flavor. It is at once smooth and full-bodied. Vermont Breakfast Blend will please any palate whether served on its own, with dessert or after a meal. ~ Medium Roast 

You can also find Vermont Breakfast Blend Coffee in our Fans' Favorite Blends Coffee Bundle and in the Vermont Harvest Bundle.

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