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Brown & Jenkins Special Blend Coffee - 10 ounce bag

We combine a generous measure of Colombian Coffee and Organic French Roast Coffee for a deeply satisfying brew you will look forward to savoring. Brown & Jenkins Special Blend Coffee is an artistic blend of medium and dark roast treasured by coffee lovers for years. Enjoy the smooth notes of toasted nut and pleasant caramel sweetness of Colombian Coffee. Organic French Roast highlights the best characteristics of a fine Dark Roast. Delight in the irresistible aroma of this classic blend with breakfast or dinner. ~ Medium Roast


     2 pound bagsBrown & Jenkins Special Blend - 2 LB

     Decaf -  S.W.P Decaf Special Blend Coffee - 10 oz

You can also find Brown & Jenkins Special Blend Coffee in our Fans' Favorite Coffee Bundle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sharon Hink
Must Have

I have tried different coffees offered by Brown & Jenkins. I have favorites, and this Special Blend is my all time favorite. The blend of medium and dark roast s a great way to start my day!

Dan Browne
I've been looking for this coffee

I bought a Moccamaster coffee machine earlier this year and I thought that was going to be the magic bullet for the coffee I've been hoping to make. Wrong. I've tried just about every coffee from Vermont and much of New England and none we're up to par with some of the local cafes I visit. They were either bland, too acidic, overly roasted, sour etc. I tried every combination on my moccamaster and burr grinder. I even poured packaged minerals into bottles of distilled water. After all those failures I tried all the tricks on youtube to make Moccamaster coffee better to overcome the water sprayer that for some reason only sprays about half the coffee in the filter. I turned it off at an uber-specific time to let the grinds soak. Stirred the grinds at a certain time. etc . Then I tried the Brown and Jenkins Special Blend and it was what I've been searching for. I even stopped all of my tricks- just turned the moccamaster on and walked away. Rich coffee, balanced, slight sweetness, great aroma. My wife is not a coffee snob but she has one requirement, the coffee can't taste bad when it starts losing heat. That box is checked too. I bought a ten ounce bag last week and I'm buying a two pound bag today. I'll have to visit the shop as it isn't too far from where we live. Would love to try some of their other options.

Mary Lynn Strieter
Never disappoints!

I never thought I would love blend coffees until I tried this one. It's a Keeper! We drink it anytime of the day!


Great blend with a lot of zip to it.

Kyle Lanpher

Good blend. It did not blow my socks off (I am a tough customer just so you know), but it got my attention and I'm going to try your other coffees too.

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