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Coffee FAQ

Do you have questions about the Coffee Club, Coffee Rewards Program, Private Label Coffee or Wholesale Coffee? We'll try to answer them all here and this page will grow as you reach out to us with more questions. Don't be shy. Make a fresh cup and call us or email with questions anytime. (802) 644-8300 or



How does your Coffee Club work?

Our Subscribe & Save COFFEE CLUB allows you to choose and manage your coffee order selection and frequency, and save 8% on every order. Save money and never run out of coffee. We deduct 8% from every item you purchase through our Subscribe & Save COFFEE CLUB program. Learn all the details HERE

Do I need an account with your shop to be able to set up a Coffee Club Subscription?

You can set up a subscription without an account initially, but you will need an account to be able to manage your subscription. We do not share your information and we do not send unsolicited ads or messages. Create an account HERE

Also, an account allows you to Earn Rewards with every purchase, even from your subscription. Rewards add up to generous discounts, and with a subscription, they add up even faster!

Can I apply Rewards Points toward my Coffee Club Subscription?

No. It is not possible to apply Rewards to a Subscription, but it is very easy to use your Rewards at your convenience. Our Subscribe & Save customers can redeem Rewards by placing a non-subscription order, for example when you want to send coffee as a gift or if you need to stock up for a special occasion apart from your ongoing subscription. Simply click on the Rewards Tab on the edge of your screen to select the Rewards you wish to redeem.

Can I apply a Gift Card or Promo Code to a Coffee Club Subscription Order?

No. It is not possible to apply a Gift Card or Promo Code when you set up a Subscription or to an existing Subscription. Notice that your Subscription deducts 8% on your total order for every shipment. 

The Coffee I want to put on a Coffee Club subscription does not show that option. Why? 

Only our year-round collections include coffees that are available to be included in the Coffee Club. Seasonal coffees and some special offer coffees do not have a Coffee Club option. This keeps things simple for you, so you know the coffees you select for your Coffee Club will be available consistently. 



How does your Rewards program work?

With a Brown & Jenkins account, you earn points automatically with every purchase. You do not even need to think about it. If you have an account, and you're logged in, you can use and earn rewards. The Rewards Tab is right there on the edge of your screen. When you have accumulated 500 POINTS or more, you can begin to apply them towards discounts. It's that simple. Get all the details HERE.


Just buy coffee or coffee rubs! Every dollar you spend adds 10 Rewards Points to your account. Even Coffee Club Subscriptions earn Rewards. But remember, you must have an account for the Rewards Program to be able to apply points to your purchases!


Once you've logged in, click on the REWARDS TAB on the edge of your screen to see your personal current Rewards Balance, as well as the redeem options. When you select the option you wish to apply, a Coupon Code will pop up to use at checkout. Your points balance will be adjusted as soon as you click that "Redeem" button. Your points will continue adding up from the new points balance. ONLY ONE REDEEM CODE can be applied for each order you place. Points are redeemed in increments, as follows: 

500 POINTS = $3 OFF

1000 POINTS = $10 OFF

1500 POINTS = $15 OFF

Do I need an account with your shop to be able to earn and redeem Rewards?

Yes. An account allows you to Earn Rewards with every purchase, even on Subscription Orders. Create an account today!

Can I apply Rewards Points toward my Coffee Club Subscription?

It is not possible to apply Rewards to a Coffee Club subscription, but if you have an active account, it is possible to redeem Rewards on any order placed independently from your subscription. Learn more on the COFFEE CLUB Page



What does "Private Label Coffee" mean?

We work with you to design your personalized label to place on a Brown & Jenkins Coffee of your choice. If you own a company, this label would feature your company logo. If you are an individual, we can design a personalized coffee label for a special occasion, such as a wedding. In this case, your private label might be affixed to Coffee Samplers to offer as classy party favors. 

Can anyone request a private label?

Yes. We do require a minimum order. This varies per project and depending on the packaging you select. 

What package sizes are available for private labeling?

Choose from a wide range of packaging options - from our attractive 2 oz specialty bag to our generous 5-pounder - each filled with your choice of gourmet, hand roasted coffees. We have over 60 International, Flavored, Organic and Signature Blend coffees to choose from. 

What do I need to do to get a private label designed?

The process is simple. We'll work with you to design your personalized label based on your company name and logo. Please email or call us to request more details and to discuss your project. 802-644-8300 or



I have a store. Can I carry Brown & Jenkins Coffee?

We have built our company from the ground up for over 30 years and it is our pleasure to establish well-grounded, long-term relationships with quality businesses and people.

Do you small-batch roast even wholesale coffee?

We most certainly do? Your blend, flavored or single origin coffees of choice will be roasted to perfection in our family-owned micro roastery, according to your needs and schedule. We have over 60 International, Flavored, Organic and Signature coffees to choose from.

What do I need to do to carry your coffee in my shop?

Please contact Sandy or Rich at 802-644-8300. You may also contact us by email:



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