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Dark Roast Delight Coffee Bundle - 3x10 oz

Experience intense, bold and out of this world Coffee in a Bundle of our finest Dark Roasts. This rich and deeply satisfying selection includes a 10 oz bag each of the following: French Roast, Black Ice and The Dark Side. French Roast is our darkest, fresh, deep roasted Brazilian coffee. It is powerful, with subtle, intensely satisfying bittersweet notes. Black Ice is a full-bodied and smooth coffee, with subtle wine and fruit notes. It is daring and delicious. The Dark Side has that vibrant touch that almost feels like it releases hidden treasures from the depths of your creative mind... and maybe it does. It is a deep and rich coffee as dark as a mystery, yet as vibrant as pure light. ~ Dark Roasts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wonderful, dirt coffees!

Many years ago we found Brown and Jenkins when we were living in North Dakota, which of the time did not have much to offer in the way of great coffee. A few weeks ago I stumbled onto the website and ordered this triple package of dark coffee. I wondered if it would taste as good as it used to taste, now that I was surrounded by excellent coffee. Oh my goodness! These coffees were wonderful. We are going to be ordering many more of these blends because they are so good. What a happy reaquaintance!

Nina Duggento
I couldn’t decide!

They all sounded sooo good I couldn’t pick I ordered bundle. Really I loved them all...and I probably still cannot pick a favorite!

Billie Cooke

You read my mind. My three favorite darks in one place. I have gone to heaven... and lived to taste a great cup of coffee. And I've been buying it long enough I thought it was time I say something. Whoa! LOL

Diane Landry
Black is good.

I saw black ice in this bundle. Sold me. And I have to be honest. I gave the Dark Side and French roast to friends. Kept the Black ice for us.

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