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S.W.P. Decaf Vermont Maple Cream Coffee - 2 pound bag

Coffee and maple are gifts from nature, and maple sap is nature's sweetness in your cup. We infuse Decaf Colombian Supremo coffee with a taste of maple that enhances the classic brew's best attributes in a way no ordinary table sweetener can equal. Decaf Colombian Supremo remains consistent regardless of your brewing method and is especially easy on even the most sensitive stomachs. It is a perfect match for maple sweetness. Maple sap flows in the spring, but it is in season year-round at the table. It is one of the finest coffee sweeteners. Maple sap flows golden and clear and combining its soft sweetness with coffee was simply a natural thing to do... in decaf too. Tap Into The Season! ~ Medium Roast


     10 Ounce Bags - Decaf S.W.P. Vermont Maple Cream - 10 oz

     Regular (non-decaf) -  Regular Vermont Maple Cream Coffee - 10 oz

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