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Lake House Blend Coffee - 10 ounce bag

Our Lake House Blend of Colombian Supremo and Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee will transport you with its mild, mellow flavor and light body. Colombian Supremo remains consistent regardless of your brewing method and is especially easy on even the most sensitive stomachs. Tanzanian Peaberry is a lively, inviting coffee from the acclaimed Kilimanjaro region. The peaberry is prized for the richness of its flavor. Imagine enjoying your morning cup of coffee overlooking Vermont's beautiful Lake Champlain. Picture bringing the day to a close with a gentle brew after a good dinner, while getting blissfully lost in observing calm ripples on the water. You are there. ~ Medium Roast

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carol & Jack
A Favorite!

We have been buying Brown and Jenkins coffee since the late 1980s. Lake House Blend is one of our favorites. If you like light to medium roast coffee try this one!

Alan Carman
Good coffee

The Columbian Supremo & Tanzanian Peaberry complement one another so well. I would suggest you try the Columbian Supremo & Tanzanian Peaberry separately first; it will give you a much better idea of how these blended together truly make a perfect pairing.

Lorraine Smith Mitchell
Love your tasty blends.

I like how you create new coffees by blending classics. Your mixes are always so tasty and this coffee is no different. Can't wait to see what mix you come up with next!

Beth Hanley Daly
We flipped a coin on this one!

My boyfriend and I are flipping a coin to decide what coffee to buy next. This one was from my flip. It was definitely a good strike!

Jane Chandler S.
smooth an d pleasant

This is a smooth coffee. I usually like something a bit stronger but I enjoyed it a lot. My husband prefers a mild coffee so this is just right. Thanks.

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