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Moka Java Blend Coffee - 10 ounce bag

We combine Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee and Estate Java to create a one of a kind coffee blend that will delight after a good meal or any time of day. It is called Moka Java, and it is a smooth and deep coffee blend that is ideal if you like to drink your coffee black, and perfectly balanced to take with cream also. Sidamo is consistently well-balanced, with floral and blueberry undertones. Estate Java offers a subtle spicy finish. If the name Java brings to mind festivities once upon a weekend or summer night, this quite adequately illustrates the welcome qualities of this coffee blend. Moka Java Blend is an ideal coffee to serve with dessert. ~ Medium Roast


     2 pound bags: Moka Java Blend Coffee - 2 LB

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michele M
Start your day right.

The first thing I want in the morning is my cup of coffee. Coffee is my beverage of choice, and while I drink only a 2-4 cups a day, they have to fresh, rich, and smooth—no bitterness. That's Brown and Jenkins Mocha Java, is our favorite roast, and we've tried so many coffees from all over.

Crystal Greene
Ranking #2

Mocha java is my 2nd fav coffee.. runner up to mountain magic. I love having a cup of mocha java in the morning with some french vanilla creamer. I typically do not like unflavored coffee, however, the flavor of the estate java and ethiopian beans together , makes for such a smooth cup. I could live the rest if my life drinking this coffee and be one happy lady! Yum!

Andrea Marcelino
Top cup

Mocha Java is on the top of my list of Brown and Jenkins coffees. It's a great all around medium roast brew that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. It has a kick of sweetness but don't be fooled by the name..this is not a flavored coffee. It's aroma is delicious.

Mandy Perry

If I have the whole weekend free, I put on a big pot of Mocha Java and I truly enjoy each and every cup. It is by far one of the smoothest coffee I have ever had. I plan to drink my way through every exotic coffee on the site.

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