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Coffee Rubs for Vegetables

A generous sprinkle of Coffee Rubs for Vegetables will give any tossed salad, dinner salad or cooked vegetable dish just the right lift in flavor to take it a notch above. We use dehydrated onion, garlic, sun dried tomato, green onion, red bell pepper , sugar, herbs, Worcestershire powder, vinegar, ascorbic acid, turmeric and a dash of Turkish ground Costa Rican Coffee in this mild Coffee Rub meant especially for produce, served cooked or chilled. Coffee Rubs for Vegetables make a subtle, perfect complement to any vegetable dish or side dish. Add it to taste and liberally to roasted vegetables and mixed vegetable salads. Coffee Rubs for Vegetables is also perfectly suited to enhance the deep flavor of stews and soups. 

Roasted Vegetables with Coffee Rub Recipe from Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters  Try it in our Roasted Vegetables with Coffee Rub recipe!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
D Harvey
I'm all a-Buzz !!!

i'm eating more veggies since i tried this buzz rub of yours. wow!! i may have to give up coffee and just have the buzz. lol just joking. love your coffee too. in fact i just tried to do a review of my fave, mtn magic but turns out i already reviewed it. i guess i have to try the other buzzs now.

Mag Thibault
great on veggies

A nice change from the usual vegetable herbs and salt and pepper. My son even got a second serving of veggies. First time in almost 50 years. Now that's a first. Great product. Very happy.

Lew Crafton

I love your rubs for steak. This one is very good too but I'm not the best cook in the world. I'll give this one another try.

Bernie Russin
Who'd have thought

Coffee rubs for vegetables. Who would have thought. I use this on meat too. Excellent and I think I'm actually eating more veggies. Thanks for that.

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